MediaWIPE 2.0

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The MediaWipe software integrates the seven step erasing standard that is set by the US Department of Defense into a professional program that will entirely delete any trace of files you no longer want. The program is capable of securely deleting any files that you no longer want and it will cover your tracks at the same time. This is especially good if there is important or private data in the files to be deleted. By following the seven step standard for deleting files, there is no chance of recovery even by forensic software.

The MediaWipe program not only completely erases any traces of the data from your hard drive, but it does so quickly. The software can erase at a rate of 500 mb every two seconds. Both FAT and NTFS drives are supported by the program, as well as deleting removable media files. The entire folder structure and everything

The user interface is very clearly laid out and simple to use. The MediaWipe program is reliable and provides a professional way of completely erasing information for your hard drive. This keeps data from being misused by others for wrong purposes.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Very thorough and easy to use


  • Have to be sure of what to erase, can never retrieve again
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